Mission Possible Stories
Mission Possible Stories

As part of the Love Your Parks Tour, we have been sent on a number of “Mission Possible” story assignments by some of our Big Blend partners. These stories are all featured in Parks & Travel Magazine and on We’ve only just begun…so watch this space as we start to accomplish our missions and build our story collection!


Youth Success Stories – Assigned by Bobbi DePorter, co-founder of SuperCamp

Stories of Excellence – Assigned by Bobbi DePorter, co-founder of SuperCamp.

Family History Connection – Assigned by Holly T. Hansen, founder of

Following Artist Ted DeGrazia  – Assigned by Lance Laber, executive director of DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

Stories of Change – Assigned by Ralph Masengill, author of ‘Conquer Change & Win.’

#OneHourWalks – Assigned by Dr. Jacqueline Eubany, author of ‘Women & Heart Disease.’

The English Connection – Assigned by Glynn Burrows, historian and owner of Norfolk Tours, England

Unique Shopping Destinations – Assigned by Linda Kissam, publisher of

Garden Destinations – Assigned by nature photographer Margot Carrera.

Family Picnic Destinations – Assigned by Ruth Milstein, author of ‘Cooking with Love: Ventures into the New Israeli Cuisine.’

Art Stories – Assigned by contemporary figurative artist Victoria Chick.

Music Stories – Assigned by Rob Ridgeway, creator of the board game Spontuneous ‘The Song Game.’

Literary Stories – Assigned by the book publicity team at JKS Communications.

Law & Order – Assigned by San Diego employment attorney Ward Heinrichs.

Following in the Footsteps of Generals – Assigned by military historian and author Mike Guardia.

A big Thank You to our Sponsors who have sent us on a story mission! You have our commitment that we will follow through!